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Hi everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Paloma and I am a licensed esthetician from Texas. I am obsessed with making skincare not only accessible to everyone but also decoding and debunking all of the questions and myths out there regarding skin.

One of my most vivid memories from my teenage years was feeling how sad and anxious I was about the acne on my skin. I tried all of the advice that I heard of to get rid of zits. I dabbed toothpaste on pimples before bed, I washed my face 5x or more a day, I used straight isopropyl alcohol on my skin (which by the way, also ended up getting in my eye, ouch!), I even remember begging my mom to buy me a jar of Noxema all in the hopes of waking up with clear skin.

Of course, this was all before the heyday of the internet. So picking up my phone or computer and googling "how to get rid of acne" or to properly treat the skin was not an option. I had to rely solely on trial and error and that my friends, is something I don't want for you! Whether you come to my studio in Houston, La Paloma, to receive a treatment and a customized routine/plan for YOUR specific skin or follow me on my socials/blog, join me in this journey to help get everyone healthy skin (and avoid alcohol in the eyes, that stuff HURT!) :)

Aesthetically yours,


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